terça-feira, maio 24, 2011

Sleepers, by Los Stompers

Fica aqui uma música exclente pelos Los Stompers, uma banda de música irlandesa baseada em Barcelona, que tem como vocalista um amigo meu.
Esta música é uma das minhas favoritas, e o vídeo que colocaram no youtube está muito bem apanhado!

Planes cross high in a chemtrailed sky
A man's detained but they won't say why
Yet more die as the false flags fly
And no one's sure who's on who's side.
Go back to sleep and live the dream
How many smoking pistols do you need?

'Cos heaven waits above you and government it loves you
You be alright, sleep tight tonight
The good guys will protect you up until you pose a threat
You'll be alright sleep tight tonight

State war games and hate campains
The cast's in place but the scripts the same
A hundred monkey's don't complain
They're MTVed and aspartamed
Life's a gas a half filled glass
And history only happens in the past


Sleep tight tonight while the ancient few take care of you
Sleep while you can, a gramme is better than a damn!


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