sábado, novembro 21, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

To burn a book is to destroy a piece of humanity. It is to drag us a few steps backs into the dark pits of ignorance. But hat's only my opinion... Believe it or not book burning is not a thing of the past. I thought book burning was something straight out of the dark ages, maybe with a few pit stops at some of the catholic church's most violent Inquisition periods and at some of the most dangerous totalitarian regimes the XX century brought us. But no, in this unbelievable website from an american Baptist Church we learn that it is a widely spread, and glorified christian tradition:

"The burning of books is nothing new to True Christians. We invented the practice over two-thousand years ago as a way to promote our faith in the Lord Jesus. In the early days of Christianity, when new believers in Christ were converted, they were naturally moved by the Holy Spirit to grab as many books as they could and pitch them into a fire. Unlike the sissy "Jesus is Love" fake-Christians (whom both the Lord Jesus and we loathe) we have running around today, the early followers of Christ were never ashamed to burn books. In fact, if you ever find yourself being grateful for the destruction of most of the works of pagan nincompoops like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, you have a Christian to thank!"

And that it is again becoming common practice in modern day America:

"In the aftermath of September 11th, a spiritual awakening is sweeping across the United States of America. One of the great signs that the Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts and souls of Americans is our glorious and sacred return to the practice of book burning."

In fact, it seems it is one of the highest demontractions of faith a person can perform, and is currently an act performed by many thousands of people:

"The truth is, burning a book is one of the most loving things a Christian could do for a person they really care about. The Landover Baptist Church is proud to be sponsoring America's Largest Book Burning on Satan's Birthday, October 31st. This will be the third consecutive year we have held the event. Last October, we had 152,800 American Christians show up for the event. We burned over 3.4 million books!"

Finnaly, we learn who the true enemies of Christ are, and which are the most dangerous books in the World:

"As most Christians already know, the Harry Potter book series is the most evil and dangerous set of books to be released this century. "The Potter series is worse than pornography. The books are even more dangerous than the Satanic Bible," reports Pastor Deacon Fred, "At least with the Satanic Bible, young people know that the book was written by Satan. The Devil just changed his name to J.K. Rowling this time.""

This is some of the most amazing bullshit I ever read in my life. Unfortunatelly it shows how far the American right wing catholic fanatics are willing to go, and how far these people are from having a clue about the real World around them. This surpases dangerous, this is, in my opinion a part of the worst nightmare that people who believe in a free, democratic and equal World may have. I fear that soon we will have to be as worried about these catholic fanatics as we currently are with muslim fanatics. The rise of new fanaticisms is probably the most dangerous things that the World is currently facing. To solve this problem, I think the only solution is more and better education for eveyone in this World. But once this groups grow above a certain critical mass, I wonder if there is any way to stop them. Our World seems to be heading for an ever-rising level of unrest. Hate and violence are on the rise and a large part of it grows from the injustices that so many people face in their lives. I wonder what kind of a nightmare World are we currently heading for...

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Ju disse...

Very good piece of news... and very dangerous indeed. I totally agree with you, this is one, if not the most, dangerous threats we will deal in the future. And education is not only for children. Educating our friends is also necessary. At least to open their minds a little bit more.

Stela disse...

De facto... a intolerancia alastra pelo mundo inteiro. Mas a mim nao me preocupa tanto este tipo de fanatismo, que qualquer pessoa com dois dedos de testa - eu ainda acho que muita gente tem dois dedos de testa, mas posso estar bem errada...- ve que eh absoluta loucura. O que me preocupa eh a intolerancia disfarcada com argumentos ditos racionais. A que consegue passar leis sem que ninguem perceba, exercer censura sem que ninguem conteste, etc... Essa sim, da-me mto medo.