quinta-feira, maio 29, 2008

Memories in dark. Black 44'

Was it enough? It will never be enough.

Time as passed, time never enough. The stench faltered, the smoke drew nigh. Faces like bones once again regained life. How long was it? Never enough. It will never be enough.

Years have passed, minutes like drops of water cascading into the ocean, seasons shrieked; the years have passed like a freight train running wild. So many years. Never enough. It will never be enough.

The skies shivered with the cold gales of winter, the flowers smiled at a sunlit spring. How can they ever dare to shiver, how do they ever dare to smile. Death, so busy she never came. And the silence. Never enough. It will never be enough

Beneath a steel sky, the cry that came silent, asking for an understanding that would never come. A body like a feather, a man so weathered that no life bleed through the gashes upon is breast. The flesh ravaged by famine finally falling to the ground. One in thousands, one in millions, marching through the reeking stubble of a country that dreamed pain. As the battered bones, soulless, emptied of any last trace of humanity dropped dead in the ground, the shout followed.
— Saukerl juden!! The man in the black uniform look with utter disgust to the dead body, from the dead whiteness of his closed eyelids to the screaming yellow of the six pointed star so blatantly laid upon his clothes. The SS officer kicked the body of the dead Jew, until certainty screamed over is empty chest. His blue eyes cold as winter snow, his forsaken stare as dark and the deepest dungeons beneath the dimmest cave.

And more than sixty years passed, happy and sad, ugly and lovely, lively and dead. How some how life continued, existence never gave up. How can she so go forward? How can the world still go around?
Was it enough? Never enough. It will never be enough.

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