quinta-feira, setembro 04, 2008

Toda a verdade

In the news:

The Tower of Pisa is being challenged by a lesser-known 12th-century building as Europe's most precariously propped leaning tower. The rival is in the northern Dutch town of Bedum.Retired geometrician Jacob van Dijk said measurements this week on Bedum's 36-metre church tower of Walfridus revealed it is now leaning more than its Italian rival. Actually the Tower of Pisa was lifted a bit, during restoration work intended in part, to keep it from toppling over.At a height of 55.86 meters, Pisa's tower leans about 4 metres, while Bedum's tower leans 2.61 metres on its height of 35.7 metres. Van Dijk argues, if both towers were the same height, Bedum's would have a greater tilt, of 6 metres.Jacob Van Dijk,Former chief geoeter,said,"In 1993 the restoration of Pisa tower's foundation has started. It took 15 years to finish it and it cost 28 millions euros. In Italy they are happy with the result, but here in Bedum we are even more happy, because now the tower of Pisa is leaning less than the tower of Bedum."The issue seems more argumentative that substantial. However while tourists may continue to flock to Pisa, the leaning tower of Bedum has found its place on the map.

Vergonhoso, vergonhoso! Até porque já passei em Bedum e não vi a torre!!! Arghh

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