sexta-feira, junho 23, 2006

Female Course

Final examination

Start by ripping out the heart of the subject with a quick jab.
Squeeze out de extra blood.
Smash it with a strong punch.
Cut it to small pieces with a sharp knife.
Place the pieces in a liquifier and press on.
After 5 minutes, add concentrated sulphuric acid.
Wait another 5 minutes and add alcohol and a burning match.
Collect the remains and placed them in the original place, in the chest of the subject.
Finalize by saying: "I still think of you as a very good friend".
If the procedure worked, the subject should now smile and say something like: "that's OK, it's not your fault, you don't have to feel bad about this".

Congratulations, you are now A WOMAN.

P.S. Este post e dedicado ao meu amigo Miguel (que vai ler mas nao vai comentar) e as suas "amigas"...

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Stela disse...

Hmmm, diz ao teu amigo que o curso para ser homem eh mto semelhante... so varia na parte em que entre o arrancar o coracao e adicionar acido sulfurico, esta uma outra adenda:
"Use the subject for your personal satisfaction without ever considering that this creature has any feelings."
E no final, em vez da frase simpatica de despedida, algo como:
"I think it is all your fault, even though you're a good person, but your personality made me lose interest."
Ah, as alegrias do amor...